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The key advantage of a Corporate Subscription is its flexibility. They are completely bespoke, meaning we can offer a purely digital solution or incorporate an element of print depending on how your team prefers to consume content. The number of users included is also entirely up to you – and the more you add, the lower the cost per user becomes. A Corporate Subscription will also streamline your purchasing process by providing just one single bill for all your users – which in turn means you will incur lower administrative costs.

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Unquote enables the whole team to access timely information on private equity to view market activity in the UK. Along with the analysis features unquote” is a very well rounded information resource.

Phil Burns, Joint MD, Clearwater Corporate Finance LLP


Unquote is a comprehensive source of private equity market intelligence that we have used for many years now – it has become an invaluable tool that enables us to track and analyse deal activity in our market easily and efficiently. The unlimited user IP package enables quick and easy access, meaning everyone in the office has access to the content online.

ECI Partners

What will your team get?

The unquote archive contains over 28,000 articles on the European private equity market. A Corporate Subscription will allow all your team to benefit from this – every article and analysis piece can be searched, allowing your team to identify market trends. In addition to this, you’ll also get:

A dedicated Account Manager

on hand to answer any queries.

Cost savings on associated products

including events and books.

Account analytics

to see how your team is using

Case study – A Top 4 Accountancy Firm

Two years ago this Accountancy firm had 3 individual subscribers to Unquote Analysis magazine. They found great value in the information the magazine provided, but they weren’t completely happy with their subscription setup for a number of reasons: 1. They wanted more of their staff to have access to Unquote content, as it was often the case that just a select few within the office would get to see each weekly issue. 2. Those who did see the magazine often saw it weeks after it had been published, as they had to wait for their colleagues to finish reading it first. 3. The administrative costs involved in setting up and maintaining a large number of additional subscriptions were prohibitive. The Accountancy firm solved all of these problems when they decided to switch to an online corporate subscription to Unquote.

What improvements did the Corporate Subscription make?

The Corporate Subscription amalgamated all 20+ subscriptions into a single contract, and also opened up access to every single employee across the globe. Administrative costs were drastically reduced overnight, and all employees now had access to a unique information resource that was previously available to just a select group. In addition to this, the fact that employees were accessing the content online meant that they were able to stay up-to-date with the latest market developments. They no longer had to wait days or even weeks to read a magazine, as all the content was available online and constantly updated with the latest news. Finally, one added bonus of the Corporate Subscription was that it allowed the company to see exactly how their employees were using This was the icing on the cake, as it gave them a clear understanding of the site’s value. They could see not only how much information was being consumed, but also what sort of topics and content their employees were really interested in.

How many Unquote users do they have today?

Today the company has over 30 users who are consuming content on a regular basis. If all of these people had signed up to individual subscriptions it would have cost the company significantly more money than they paid for the Corporate Subscription. In addition, there are also a significant number of users who don’t use the site regularly, but simply when they are looking for something specific. The company derives significant value from the fact that all their employees can now consume content whenever they need it, something they wouldn’t have historically been able to do without signing up to a full subscription.

Access our content in the format that suits you

Corporate Subscriptions are completely bespoke to your needs – meaning you can decide how your team is able to access our content. We offer a variety of formats:


On your computer, tablet or mobile.


The unquote” analysis app is available on iPad and iPhone.


Choose from 11 different alerts on a range of topics and regions.



unquote” analysis magazine is published 10 issues a year.


How much does a Corporate Subscription cost?

There isn’t a set price for a Corporate Subscription as we take many things into consideration – generally the number of users, how many different products you need to access, and which delivery methods you prefer to receive the content. If you have multiple users that require access, then a Corporate Subscription is definitely the most cost-effective approach for you.

Is there any limit to the number of users that can be included in a Corporate Subscription?

No, a Corporate Subscription can consist of as many users as you like. We have small contracts with companies for 3 users, whilst others have agreed worldwide access for all their employees.

Can a Corporate Subscription span multiple offices?

Yes it can – there’s no limit to how many of your offices can be incorporated into an agreement. All we’ll need to know are which offices you want to include, and who the users are within them.

Can we set up automatic access for our employees via our IP range?

Technically this is possible however we increasingly find our clients are moving away from this approach for two main reasons. Firstly, IP access means your employees miss out on accessing our email alerts and apps, and they can only access our content when they are in the confines of the office environment. Secondly, as the buyer, you will lose one of the key benefits of a Corporate Subscription, namely the ability to track the analytics on your account as IP accounts merge all usage into one.

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